'Leap Year'
It was pouring in LA yesterday. It has been raining for two days and it's supposed to continue all week. The streets in my neighbourhood were flooding. Cars were hydroplaning everywhere. People were running into the 7-Eleven near my apartment asking if they sold umbrellas. They don't (they do sell 3-foot-tall birthday cards and rap records, however). I wondered if this was a biblical type of flood and if LA was finally being recognized as so shallow a place that it should just be wiped off the map. But no such luck.

Me, I went for a nice long walk in the rain. No matter how bad the weather gets here, nothing can top the days when I was an intern at Eye Weekly, walking to work in -38 degree temperatures. Once I got home, absolutely soaked to the core from doing my rain dance, I decided to take refuge from my leaking apartment building by going to see 'Leap Year', starring It-girl of the moment Amy Adams and the charming Matthew Goode.