Last June the all-around Baytastic Michael Bay became attached as both a producer and director to a new DreamWorks project called I Am Number Four based off an unpublished book by James Frey and Joby Hughes. No one's read the book yet, but it's general description as the story of an alien who seeks refuge from his planet's enemy by posing as a human high school student seemed better suited to the likes of Shawn "Night at the Museum" Levy than Michael "I Blow Everything Up" Bay. So it's of little surprise that the Hollywood Reporter tells us that the studio has gone with another recent collaborator in place of the always busy Bay: Eagle Eye'sD.J. Caruso.

Bay will remain on the picture as a producer, but it'll be Caruso who is calling the shots from a script written by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar. And if you're wondering why the name James Frey sounds so familiar, he's the stand up chap who made headlines in 2006 when his memories about crack addiction, A Million Little Pieces, were revealed by The Smoking Gun to be more than a little fictitious.

I guess I won't hold that against Frey seeing as he's made the move to full-blown fiction, but I suspect that DreamWorks and company will play up the "Written by the guys who brought you that fun Superman show" angle over the "Based on a new book by that guy who lied to everyone" approach. Frey and Hughes planned I am Number Four to be the first in a six-part series, though it's unclear at this point if the film version encompasses the first book of aliens-in-high-school or beyond.
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