I was actually getting excited about former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger's score for Universal's remake of The Wolfman. I've liked the band since the days of yore when a boyfriend gave me a tape of some of their early hypno-Moog tunes. Like many people, I revisited their work through the soundtracks they did for films like Legend and Near Dark. Well it seems that Universal has asked Danny Elfman back, after announcing last November that Haslinger would be replacing Elfman for unknown reasons. Since the film has been plagued by a number of issues including delays, reshoots and editorial changes this announcement really comes as no surprise.

Shock Till You Drop delivered the news that Elfman's (incomplete) score is making a return. Since Elfman is currently working on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Universal has tapped composer Conrad Pope to help finish the job. Pope worked with Elfman on Sleepy Hollow so he's familiar with the maestro's methods.

Will this movie ever make it out on time? Does anyone else love Danny Elfman's score for Mars Attacks! as much as I do? Does The Wolfman really just need more theremin to make it all better?
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