One of this week's most popular New York Times articles is about new census data revealing that more women are becoming the breadwinners in American families. Titled "More Men Marrying Wealthier," the report states that more women have college degrees than men today, and that with so many men laid off during the present recession, the households in which only the wife/mother works is significantly higher than it was even a year ago. Sounds like ripe fodder for a new romantic comedy titled...

Mrs. Breadwinner

The title, inspired by Mr. Mom, is just a generic place holder for what should be a few movies reflecting this change in society and gender politics. Back during the Great Depression, when similar role reversals were taking place in real life, Hollywood made a number of films featuring a wealthy woman marrying or at least falling for a lesser-status man. Platinum Blonde, Broadway Bill, My Man Godfrey, The Thin Man and others dealt with this situation, though most of these films then and since (Mr. Mom, Overboard, Coming to America, Titanic) have ended with the man rising in status, revealed to be more well-off than thought, returning to his own kind by ultimately marrying a more socially equal partner or dying. Or, the woman gives up her wealth for the poor guy.
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