One of the best parts of this whole "writing about horror movies" gig is that it means I get to spend an obscene amount of time poking around the internet looking for information on horror films. I couldn't venture to guess the number of hours I spend watching trailers, reading gossip, perusing press releases, and scouring YouTube in the standard year, but it's almost assuredly more hours than I'd spend at a real job. Yet, even with the staggering number of hours I spend researching all these films, I still miss out on titles here and there. Case in point: Henry Saine's The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu.

I'm embarrassed that my first exposure to the title came yesterday, when our friends at Bloody-Disgusting debuted the official trailer in advance of the film's Slamdance appearance. How do I let a film inspired by HP Lovecraft slip past me? It's unforgivable. As penance, you'll find the trailer and plot synopsis after the jump.

Personally, I think the clip looks fantastic. It's funny and the special effects look good and I get a very Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer vibe from it. Some in the horror community are decrying the comedic elements of the trailer, but maybe a different approach to the source material is in order. Lovecraft's work has been around for ages and it's not like hordes of studios are racing each other to produce serious adaptations of his stories (it would be cool if they were, though).

The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu is set to make it's Slamdance debut on January 24th. There will be an encore showing on January 26th). Here's to hoping the full feature is as much fun as the trailer.
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