Now that James Cameron can fill a pool with Avatar money and swim in it (careful of the paper cuts, Mr. Cameron), everyone wants to follow in his gamechanging footsteps so they too can have pools of money. Our Christopher Campbell reported on the studio rush to retrofit 3D last week, and according to The Hollywood Reporter , Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans might just be coming to you in 3D as well. Titans wasn't originally shot in 3D, so it would have to be converted by that magical rotoscoping process. But Warner Bros thinks it might just be worth the trouble, and has ordered a 3D test of the film. They'll test screen the converted scenes, and then debate whether to do the whole thing in time for its March 26 release date. Similar rumors have swirled around Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and around Iron Man 2.

I wonder if 3D might not soon become a magical Band-Aid for tepid filmmaking. Regardless of how much you loved Avatar, you know the critical consensus has been that it's a visual experience, and that story and dialogue took a necessary backseat. Will studios rush to put movies through the 3D process and encourage us to ignore the flaws because of the visuals? Will audiences buy it? Will Sam Worthington never be seen in 2D again?

I'm not sure they will. The bloom will be off the rose eventually. I'm still not a big fan of 3D (despite that I'd still like to see a handful of movies retrofitted for my own cheesy curiosity) due to the ticket cost and availability. For many it's still a trek to see them in 3D, and proper IMAX may be even harder to find. The more films that are designed for the format, the more work it may be for moviegoers to see them until their cities catch up. Will they become impatient with being unable to see films as they were "meant" to be seen?
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