[Welcome to Duty Free Movies, a new little corner of Cinematical where we'll be highlighting quality import discs from around the world. Given my bend for horror, sci-fi, and Asian movies, a good number of imports on my shelf fall under that realm, but I'll do my best to spread the love around to other genres as well. Note: Depending on where you buy the title from, you will likely have to pay tax on the disc; I just like the name Duty Free Movies.]

Hopefully you've already seen Ji-Woon Kim's (A Bittersweet Life, A Tale of Two Sisters) delightful genre-bender The Good, The Bad, The Weird in one capacity or another. This stylish Korean riff on spaghetti westerns and heist films starring Kang-ho Song (The Host, Memories of Murder), Byung-hun Lee (G.I. Joe, A Bittersweet Life), and Woo-sung Jung (Restless, A Moment to Remember) made laps around the festival circuit in 2008, but it's been lacking US distribution since then. IFC will be giving the film a theatrical run in NYC this April, but there's no reason to wait that long when there is a superb Blu-ray available from Korea for the reasonable price of ~$33.

Now to preempt any doubt, yes, this particular disc will play in your Region A Blu-ray player without any special equipment or region-code finagling, because, well, it's a Region A disc. In fact, my PS3 is relishing in its beauty as I type, so if the last half of this post is filled with typos, it's because I've gotten drunk off the lush, 7.1 DTS-HD sound mix. The disc itself is the first in a new line of Limited Edition Blu-ray discs from Korea's CJ Entertainment.
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