Many have tried to answer the question: Who is Deep Throat? No, not the Watergate guy. The porn star Linda Lovelace, who starred in the uber popular porn flick about a woman whose clitoris rests in her throat. In 2005, there was talk that Courtney Love would star as Ms. Lovelace, before drama completely and utterly enveloped her life. A few years later, a bigger shocker dropped: Anna Faris, our beloved funny girl, would star as the porn actress in a film that was to be "a really deep, dark drama." It was slated to speed to production before the Writers Strike, and even had Sam Rockwell as co-star. Obviously, nothing came of that. And now?

Variety reports that a new attempt is in the works -- an indie called Lovelace by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman -- the duo behind the upcoming Allen Ginsberg flick, Howl. It's not the biggest jump for that team, considering the fact that Howl is about an obscenity trial, but here's a jump for you: Bred out of Eric Danville's biography The Complete Linda Lovelace, the script was written by W. Merritt Johnson, the man who just penned that Temple Grandin pic I recently wrote about. The script details Lovelace's life, rising to infamous fame as a porn star (with a quite troubling behind-the-scenes story) and her evolution into an anti-porn activist under the name Linda Marchiano. It will be told "through the perspective of three interviewers at various stages of her life."

Something tells me Anna Faris won't be leading the feature this time, should this be the movie that finally gets made. So, who would you cast as Linda Lovelace?
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