Last year, Ang Lee brought us a surprise with the sweet Taking Woodstock. It wasn't a killer movie by any means -- the Rotten Tomatoes score attests to that -- but friendly, and easy to like in spite of itself. If you beg to differ, would prefer to see him go back to Brokeback, or -- could we be so lucky? -- Eat Drink Man Woman, this should pique your interest.

The Hollywood Reporter'sRisky Biz Blog reports that in an interview with the trade, Focus Features CEO James Schamus revealed that he is currently writing a new project for the famed director. In his own words, it's "going back to the good old, tragic, suicidally depressing Ang!" He didn't, however, share much more information in the interview. It is a project that will be "a weird mix" of both original work and adaptation ... whatever that means. He also said: "This (movie) was totally me. I became enamored of something and we had long talks about why. Ang loves to ask the question, 'Why?' Like, 'Why are you interested in this?' Or, 'Why is this character so...?' Once we've established that, I'll go off and write, and maybe he'll make it, maybe he won't. There's no contractual thing. This will be quite low budget."

A low-budget, tragic film that somehow mixes adaptation and original storytelling... Here's hoping Ang takes to it just so we can see what it's all about!
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