John Landis, that swarthy, bearded fellow known for such classics as An American Werewolf In London and The Blues Brothers, is set to direct a film based on the misadventures of the notorious 19th century grave-robbers and murderers William Burke and William Hare, who sold the bodies for dissection to the Edinburgh Medical College. Until today it was known that genre favorite Simon Pegg would be playing Burke, while the role of Hare would be going to David "Dr. Who" Tennant.

Thanks to the super sleuthing of Dread Central, we have learned that all of this has changed, as a tweet by Mr. Pegg has revealed, albeit rather cryptically, that Tennant has stepped down and has been replaced:

"David Tennant had to drop out of B&H but by sheer glorious serendipity a legend of Middle Earth and Skull Island has come aboard. Welcome AS"

AS" is none other than Andy Serkis, the man famous for "playing" Gollum in the Lord of the Rings franchise and David in the under-appreciated dark comedy thriller The Cottage. Now the pun in the article title makes sense.

Burke and Hare is written by Piers Ashworth and Nick Moorcroft, and also stars John Cleese (rumored), Bill Bailey, and Pollyanna McIntosh.

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