Sorry to all you Rodney Dangerfield fans looking to complain about your beloved 1983 inheritance comedy being added to the remake pile. Maybe another time. This is actually a pitch for an English-language redo of the current Swedish hit Snabba Cash, the English title for which is...

Easy Money

This pitch is probably unnecessary given the way Hollywood works. Daniel Espinosa's crime thriller will definitely be remade in English. Not only does it involve easily translated subject matter, but it's got franchise potential. According to Variety, Easy Money (Snabba Cash) has been deemed a hit at home, grossing $2.3 million in its first five days. Comparatively, Sweden's top-grossing movie of 2009, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, took in less than half a two million bucks in its first weekend, according to Box Office Mojo (Sony has already announced it's remaking The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by the way). And due to the success of Easy Money, two sequels have been greenlit by the original film's producer.
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