Did you see Push? Yeah, I didn't either. I mean, I would've liked to. The trailers were pretty nifty, but it was a February dump and, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if that's the kind of movie I want to spend two hours with. Why are you looking at me like that? I'm sure good movies come out in February. I'm not making a blanket statement. You didn't see it either! Stop judging me. I tend to be more into summer or winter movies, myself. We all have our tastes!


Looks like Push will be getting a second chance at life, this time on television. Mr. David Hayter will be penning the pilot and it will act as an extension of the film, building on the universe established there. As I chose not to engage in a relationship with this particular motion picture, I had to steal a quote from Devin over at CHUD, where I first saw this news: "In the world of Push there's a hierarchy to the super powers - telekinetics are movers, oracles are watchers, mind controllers are pushers - and there's the Division, who is trying to make all of these psychics into weapons."

Hayter is no stranger to superhero adventure. His filmography includes the first two X-Men films and Watchmen, not to mention, that man is the voice of Solid friggin' Snake. Television feels like the perfect medium for superheroes, a place where adventures can be played out long term and vary on an episode by episode basis. As much as I love my big budget film versions, a TV series can lend characters a true mythology. What are comic books themselves but episodes of a drawn TV series?

I'll be keeping my eyes on this one. Best case scenario: a movie no one saw will become a series worth your time. Worst case scenario: it'll still be better than Heroes.
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