Many of us follow celebrity Twitter accounts, and a number of movie rumors and news bites that have circled the web have come from those all-too-brief Tweets. But of course, that's not necessarily the best place for info. Often there's the "oh crap!" deletion as stars realize they've spoken, or tweeted, too soon. Then there are those who like the comedy.

Simon Pegg has been amusing himself today in Twitterland, which has sent a some Twitterfolk into sadly false squee territory.
  • Yes!!!! I've been accepted into Hogwarts to do a post grad in technical drawing. Second choice after Bristol Uni but hey, cute witches.
  • Oh great they don't allow dogs. It's either cats or toads. That's fucking disgraceful. I'm making a formal complaint to UCCA. Magic that!
  • They've made an acception because Minnie can speak German. Yay!!
  • They've revoked the offer due to my inability to distinguish between 'exception' and 'acception'. I'm doing a B-tech at Cheltenham Ladies.
  • Dear news vultures picking thru my banal tweets for scraps of relevance, I am NOT in Harry Potter but I am the new Q in James Bond. (FALSE).
  • And I'm playing Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. Using MoCap to turn me into a creepy, psychic baby. It's tough on Kristen, she has to carry me.
Wordplay, comedy, and the idea of Pegg as Renesmee? Aside from how ridiculously funny that last bit would be (and admit it -- that movie would make an even bigger goldmine if it was a horror comedy where he played the part-vamp wonderbaby), it's a lesson to think before believing the land-o-tweets, and more importantly: another example of how frakking funny Pegg is.
You can follow him here, and just maybe the comedy will be enough to keep us from wearing out our Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz discs before Paul finally hits theaters.
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