Salutations horrorphiles! Well we've spent another Tuesday and that means it is once again time for the Terror Tuesday report. Terror Tuesday, for those new to this segment, is a celebration of crazy, cult horror hosted by the world famous Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. Every week, master of disaster Zack Carlson bludgeons our senses with some of the rarest, most inexplicable films imaginable...or unimaginable in many cases. The crowd is composed mostly of Drafthouse mainstays and horror film fanatics.

For my part, each week I will breakdown the film shown as well as gage the audience reaction to said film. So far we have narrowly escaped the Gates of Hell and had our eyeballs roundhouse kicked by Raw Force. This week we venture into the world of late 80's sci-fi/horror featuring a staple of the decade: Mr. Dolph Lundgren. Willi survive I Come in Peace? Or will Dolph finally break me?
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