If the career path of the Dowdle Brothers was the normal trajectory for Hollywood, the only way into the business would be to make a movie practically no one has the opportunity to see. The Poughkeepsie Tapes have been floating in the ether at MGM since 2007, but that didn't stop the duo from directing the [REC] remake Quarantine for Screen Gems. From there they teamed up with M. Night Shyamalan to direct a film called Devil based on a story of Shyamalan's devising. So even though of the three films they've made in the last three years only one has actually hit the marketplace, they may soon add a fourth to the pile.

The project is called Afraid and is described by Bloody-Disgusting thusly, "After a helicopter crash unleashes a rogue Red-Ops unit on Safe Haven, Wisconsin, its residents must band together to defend themselves against these brutal "trans-human" killers." If that sounds familiar, don't be surprised. It's an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Jack Kilborn (real name Joesph Andrew Konrath). If that still sounds familiar and you've never heard of Kilborn's novel, that may be because it sounds an awful lot like the recent British sci-fi/horror hybrid Salvage; except in the latter there's no chopper crash, just a cargo container that unleashes a rogue government super soldier on a small coastal town.

For the sake of Afraid I hope they end up making a better movie than Salvage turned out to be, particularly so since B-D reports the plan is to turn this into a franchise along the lines of Terminator and Aliens. Only time will tell if that potential is actually there. Though I suppose anyone out there who has read Afraid could offer up more insight. ... Anyone?
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