Of the many, many films playing at Sundance this year, one I have high hopes for is the independent Spanish thriller Buried, directed by Rodrigo Cortes and starring Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. The premise is simple, and in a way reminiscent of the Colin Farrell vehicle Phone Booth, except that was pretty terrible and this looks interesting.

Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, a civilian contractor working in Iraq. One day day he wakes up with amnesia and buried in a coffin with nothing more than a candle, a cellular phone and a knife. How he got there remains a mystery, but as the trailer tells us, it's going to cost a lot to get him out.

Sounds intriguing, right? Although I have my doubts with Ryan Reynolds in this role, due primarily to the abysmal Amityville Horror redux and his reputation as a primarily comedic actor, the overall themes and overall premise of the film sound quite intriguing.

Many thanks to MTV for the heads up. Co-starring with Reynolds are Anne Lockhart and Ivana Miño. Buried is written by Chris Sparling. If you're lucky enough to find yourself at Sundance this year, Buried si screening five times, with the first one taking place Saturday at 11:30 PM in Park City.

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