Once you make a hit out of nowhere with The Blind Side, where do you go from there? To strange TLC-like medical miracles, that's where. According to Variety, Alcon Entertainment is developing a new film called Late Bloomer, about a twenty-something man who is wrenched through the throes of puberty in just three weeks.

Based on the 2001 book Man Made: A Memoir, the film will tell the story of Ken Baker (currently a news editor at E! Entertainment), a man who had "a benign tumor that rested against his pituitary gland, which delayed his puberty and normal development, causing him frustration and embarrassment. At age 27, a successful operation to remove the tumor restored him to hormonally normal masculinity, but resulted in his experiencing all the effects of puberty over an extremely condensed three-week period." The Amazon review is a little more detailed: "But Baker had a tumor in his brain that flooded his body with the female hormone prolactin; he leaked milk from his nipples and could hardly ever have an erection. His wince-inducing memoir pulls no punches and uses no euphemisms in telling what it was like to be a sexually dysfunctional man in a sex-saturated society."

Perhaps even stranger than the subject -- it will be "re-imagined" into a broad comedy, with new scribe Joe Nussbaum having written a draft. Eesh. Here I was wondering if it would go the TLC route both sensationalizing and teaching about physical disorders and issues, and they're just taking someone's medical woes and reformatting as a comedy. I can only assume that they feel okay with the decision since Baker did gain "normal masculinity" and move on from his condition. Still, it seems like a really bad way to go. What do you think?
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