One of my favorite moviegoing experiences of last year was spending an entire day with the Red Riding trilogy. Three British films, each from a different director, each shot in a different film or video format, each set in a different year and each terrific as a stand-alone work -- though the last installment does function as a conclusive wrap-up, as well. Red Riding: 1974, Red Riding: 1980 and Red Riding: 1983 present the intertwining stories of multiple characters involved in ongoing cases of murder, child abduction and police corruption in West Yorkshire, England. All were adapted from a series of novels from David Peace (The Damned United) by occasional Terry Gilliam collaborator Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas).

IFC will release the trilogy, originally presented as a TV miniseries in the UK, in marathon form for one week only beginning February 5th at NYC's IFC Center -- before the films screen separately in both New York and Los Angeles on February 12. A nationwide expansion comes another week later, on February 19. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the three films back to back, I implore you to watch them as I did. To further convince you, check out Eugene's review of the trilogy from Telluride.

To offer some visual encouragement, Moviefone has just debuted trailers for each installment, which you can check out after the jump alongside a rundown of each segment.