In my experience, fellow Hammer horror fans either absolutely adore Dracula A.D. 1972 or despise it. The studio was obviously cashing in on the British mod craze and certainly the film's title dates itself in an unsavory way, but in general it's still a good trip for me. As a Hammer film however, it fails miserably. The great Christopher Lee has been relegated to what feels like a supporting role and Peter Cushing dashes around posing like he's in some uber stylized action movie (Yes, this is kind of awesome). There's even a really groovy Starsky & Hutch style score to help set the mood (I actually like it). What should be authentic comes across as cheddar. The cast is unbelievable as a group of young hipsters and instead plays out like a 30-something Austin Powers party. Hammer's attempt to update the Dracula story for contemporary audiences is nothing like the sleazy pussycat parade I want it to be, but it does have one thing going for it: a bag full of Hammer babes.

There's a vixen for every type in this movie. Stephanie Beacham stars as Jessica, the smart yet naive type who falls prey to the bloodthirsty Count because of her legendary namesake, Van Helsing. Marsha Hunt is Gaynor, the comely kitten who is lured into the vampiric clutches of one sneer-tastic villain, Johnny Alucard (Christopher Neame). And last but certainly not least is Caroline Munro who plays Laura, the foxy lady who offers herself as the delicious sacrifice during the groovy gang's Satanic shenanigans.
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