It's not often that we get to interview a bona fide legend, but Harrison Ford qualifies and then some. As the star of two of the biggest movie franchises of all time, as well as the purveyor of some of the silver screen's most thrilling moments, Ford has earned his place among the biggest and best Hollywood has ever offered. These days, however, he seems interested in slightly more modest accomplishments, evidenced by Extraordinary Measures, a quiet little movie in which he plays an abrasive scientist who teams up with a desperate entrepreneur to find a cure for the disease that affects two of the entrepreneur's children.

That of course isn't to say that the film doesn't offer its own sort of spectacle, but that it's largely contained to emotion, rather than action. Cinematical recently sat down with Ford at the film's Los Angeles press day to discuss his participation in Extraordinary Measures. In addition to discussing the emotional dimensions of his cantankerous character, Ford reflected on the style and technique that's made him a household name, and offered a few observations about the state of the industry as we know it -- and the humble way in which he manages to maintain his status as a superstar.

Cinematical: While I was watching Extraordinary Measures, my first thought about your character was "this guy is going to have to melt a little by the end of the movie," but he is pretty consistently cantankerous. What to you was underneath all of that obstinacy?