Paul Bettany in 'Legion'This is an interesting weekend for Paul Bettany fans.

In the supernatural thriller 'Legion' he plays the Archangel Michael who voluntarily falls to Earth to rescue mankind from an Apocalypse brought about by God. In the biopic 'Creation,' which also opened Friday, he portrays 19th-century scientist Charles Darwin, father of evolutionary biology and hero to atheists everywhere. Now that's range!

'Legion' is set in a desolate diner where a motley group of strangers, including Dennis Quaid,Charles S. Dutton and Tyrese Gibson, join forces with the insurgent Michael to battle the exterminating angels sent by God (who's so disgusted with humanity he wants to wipe it out). Pregnant waitress Adrianne Palicki, carrying the future hope of mankind, is specially targeted for destruction.

The film, Scott Stewart's directorial debut, was not screened for critics (never a good sign), so few reviews have been published in major outlets. However, many non-mainstream reviewers have weighed in and almost everyone agrees that while there are thrills to be had and Bettany is predictably solid, 'Legion' suffers from a lack of originality and very faulty theology, among other things. Here's what they had to say:
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