Another Conan is finally making headlines tonight -- and it's not The O'Brien, but The Barbarian. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Lionsgate and director Marcus Nispel have finally picked their Cimmerian, and it's not Kellan Lutz as previously rumored. It's Jason Momoa who will star in Conan.

I don't watch any of the SyFy Stargate shows, so I only know Momoa as "that hot guy I see on advertisements for Stargate: Atlantis." But he has a lot of charisma even on those 30 second bursts, and physically, he's a great choice. Those more familiar with the show can sound off on his acting, as I'm just entranced by his looks. However, he was Nispel's pick all along, and finally thrilled the studio after filming trial scenes where he wielded a sword and "[behaved] in a very Schwarzeneggerian manner." One hopes that the new Conan the Barbarian will be more than a giant homage to Schwarzenegger, but we'll soon see.

Latino Review also has the scoop that Mickey Rourke has been offered the part of Conan's father. Rourke is like a fanboy god these days, but considering he nearly turned down Iron Man 2, who knows how he'll feel about Conan. He doesn't have too long to decide, as filming is set to begin March 15 in Bulgaria.

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