3D isn't only for the movie theaters and televisions, folks. In commemoration of the first anniversary of their online screening room (yesterday!), the National Film Board of Canada is sending out free 3D glasses and launching two new sections of their site to offer viewers goodies in both 3D and HD. This adds to the 1,400+ titles already available for free viewing on the website.

The 3D section is kicking off with the shorts Falling in Love Again, Drux Flux, Sandde, and Facing Champlain, plus a number of making-of feature for Champlain. On the HD side of things, there's a little more variety. While Cordell Barker got his latest short, Runaway, screening at Sundance (brief review here), his Oscar-nominated 1988 short The CatCame Back is on the site, along with flicks that include the 1965 short High Steel, Chris Landreth's Oscar-winning Ryan, the 2007 Oscar nominee Madame Tutli-Putli, and The Stratford Adventure, which includes footage of the iconic Alec Guinness.

Best of all, there's none of that darned region-blocking, so everyone should be able to dig into all that the NFB has to offer. Currently, the NFB is offering free Color Code glasses to watch the 3D shorts online. If you live in Canada, the shipping is free, and if you live Stateside, my sources tell me they're still free ... you just have to pay a buck for shipping.