Remember how a star is set to be re-born? A few months after hearing that the oft-used music story A Star is Born would get another retelling courtesy of Warner Bros., Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Nick Cassavetes is in early talks to direct it, after reading a draft by Will Fetters. As DHD points out, this comes after the director sued New Line -- sister studio to WB -- for being taken off the project Elephant Orphanage. Change of heart? An apology? Bygones be bygones?

The filmmaker has had a pretty interesting career so far, dancing back and forth between grit and romance. He started with the romances Unhook the Stars in 1996 and She's So Lovely in 1997, before penning Blow, directing John Q and The Notebook, writing and directing Alpha Dog, and last giving us My Sister's Keeper. He's currently working on a drug-centric dramatic indie called Yellow, and should these talks work out, A Star is Born will follow.

Reports have linked the likes of Beyonce and Will Smith to the long-gestating gig, and sources say Beyonce is still a contender along with Alicia Keyes and Rihanna. But instead of a little Fresh Prince, names circling the gig now include Jon Hamm and Robert Downey Jr. Who should take over the reigns from Babs and Kristofferson?
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