Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing six classics from the Hammer vault on April 6 as part of their new DVD collection, The Icons of Suspense. These rarely seen films also need some artwork and you can help choose the final box art by casting your vote.

These aren't the Hammer films many of us know and love that contain monsters galore, but keep in mind that Hammer took great pride in choosing their settings, costumes and cast (you'll recognize a few names) so you're sure to enjoy this sans creatures. The Icons of Suspense Collection includes:

These Are The Damned (aka The Damned, 1963)
This is the uncut version of this futuristic classic, directed by the legendary Joseph Loseygr.

Cash on Demand (1961)
Peter Cushing and Andre Morell match wits in this thriller.

The Snorkel (1958)
This suspense classic is directed by Oscar®-winning cinematographer Guy Green and tells the story of a young girl who can't convince anyone her stepfather is a murderer.

Stop Me Before I Kill! (aka The Full Treatment, 1960)
The renowned Val Guest directed this startling psychodrama.

Maniac (1963)
Kerwin Matthews finds himself in the middle of a strange mother/daughter threesome in this Jimmy Sangster-written film.

Never Take Candy from a Stranger (aka Never Take Sweets from a Stranger, 1960)
Watch Cyril Frankel's astounding performance in this horrifyingly timely, chiller about a small town terrorized by an elderly child molester.

You can bring these Hammer suspense-thrillers home with you for only $24.96. The set includes digitally remastered audio and video, full screen presentations and theatrical trailers. Visit the Columbia-Classics website until January 26 to vote on the DVD cover artwork for these classics.
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