Not all epic trilogies are set in a world of sci-fi fantasy.

A dynamite cast of actors, directors and screenwriters have assembled to adapt David Peace's series of 'Red Riding' novels, inspired-by-reality thrillers about the "Yorkshire Ripper", a gruesome murderer who targeted UK girls throughout the '70s and '80s, leaving thirteen young casualties in his wake.

Originally aired on the BBC in early 2009, the films will be released theatrically -- stateside, all at once-- on February 5, following this week's premiere at Sundance.

Though each film in 'The Red Riding Trilogy' has in common the same screenwriter ('Tideland''s Tony Grisoni), each chapter of takes place in a different year, and is helmed by a different -- Julian Jarrold ('Becoming Jane'), James Marsh ('Man on Wire') and Anand Tucker ('Leap Year') -- who each bring their own spin to a gritty tale that spans decades.

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