The new movie 'The Yes Men Fix the World,' opening in Toronto on January 29, follows the zany antics of Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, two American anti-globalization activists who pose as spokespeople for giant corporations and even big government agencies. Most recently, they issued a fake statement on behalf of Environment Canada to draw attention to Canada's embarrassing track record when it comes to addressing climate change. (Unfortunately this particular hoax isn't in the movie, since it happened in December.)

The movie opens with Bichlbaum (if that's his real name) nervously preparing for his appearance on BBC World TV, where he is posing as a spokesperson for Dow Chemical. The BBC found Bichlbaum through the fake Dow Ethics website the Yes Men had set up. The site addressed Dow's role in cleaning up the aftermath of the Union Carbide industrial accident (Dow acquired Union Carbide in 2001) that devastated the people of Bhopal, India 20 years ago. Once on air, Bichlbaum, in character as a spokesperson, announces that Dow is prepared to liquidate Union Carbide and spend $12 billion on helping the victims of the Bhopal catastrophe. Taking things a step further, he apologizes on behalf of Dow for taking so long to take action.
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