We all have a few deep, dark secrets that we're just sure are the peak of all things humiliating. Maybe you're a married man who is convinced that, deep down, you may be gay. Or perhaps you're a father of three ... who one day realizes he doesn't like children all that much. You stole, you cheated, you lied ... or, if you're the very unhappy lead character in Habib Azar's odd, dry comedy Armless, you simply want to have your arms removed.

Insane, you say? Borderline lunacy? Absolutely. That's probably what the bulimic teenager thinks about her problems: shameful, insane, and uniquely repulsive. And that's what is most interesting about Armless: we're offered a passive little sad-sack as a protagonist, one who has a deep-seated and rather disturbing wish, and he can't even get any true "help" because he's simply too ashamed of the issue.(And yes, this film is a comedy.)