I've been wondering how the young offspring of Erik Roberts -- Emma Roberts -- would fare in more gritty work, if she dared break out of her family-centric career. We'll soon find out. On the heels of flicks like Hotel for Dogs, she's got drug drama Twelve on the way, plus the action thriller The latter, well, imagine classic Guy Ritchie fare handed over to the younger generation and infused with random Go-esque moments.

Universal hasn't released a synopsis for the film yet, so we can only glean what we can from the trailer, which is after the jump. One girl teeters on the edge of a bridge with a handful of diamonds while a tough guntoting gal demands the gems, people fight, people run, sleezy guys lay on lame pickup lines, funky electronic beats blare, fast cars speed away, brawls commence, lots of girls kiss (which seems more gratuitous than sexually progressive), and Roberts herself gets to give one dude a savage complex about his size (...you know).

Violence, action, baddies, and sex -- it's one of those classic action films in the hand of the younger set. But perhaps most interesting -- Noel Clarke isn't just one of the stars; he's also the writer and co-director. And who is Clarke? The man who played Mickey in Doctor Who. And as another WTF casting choice: Mandy Patinkin pops up somewhere, according to IMDb.

Personally, I'm partially interested in how it plays out and how Clarke handles the fare, and partially turned off over the kids playing cops and robbers feel made catchy with girlie makeout sessions. But what say you?