That's right, the dreaded R-word is back, and this time it's aimed at a certain simian planet. A little over a year ago, there were rumblings that Fox was looking to reboot the Planet of The Apes franchise after the disastrous 2001 film by Tim Burton. But, before you could say 'damn you all to Hell,' the project was seemingly dead in the water. Well, it looks like we may have spoken too soon, because according to an exclusive in NY Magazine, the flick is alive and well at Fox. According to them, not only if Fox still keen on getting the film into production, they have handed the reigns to Peter Chernin (a former Fox News Corp head, who has made the leap to producer) in hopes of getting the flick into high gear.

Most of us had assumed that the project was headed for the scrap heap when Scott Frank (Minority Report) walked away from the production, but Vulture's sources are claiming that Fox has, "hired writer Jamie Moss (Street Kings) to rework Frank's version, and the original writers, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (The Relic, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle), were recently brought back to polish the dialog." According to Vulture, Frank walked away from the film when his original vision for a prequel on just how those apes got so crafty in the first place, was rejected by the studio. Frank's script centered on the genetic experiments that create a 'super-ape' by the name of Cesar who led his hairy brethren to rise up against their human captors, but now that some new writers are on the scene, I expect we'll see a few changes in Frank's original vision.

Remember, nothing is official yet, so stay tuned for any updates that come our way. But, what do you think, do those damn, dirty apes deserve one more shot at the big screen? Sound off in the comments...
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