The release of catalogue or older titles is always a mixed bag of anticipation and fear: depending on how many versions of a film were already released, studios may only pour so much money into a re-release, even for an upgrade, and that's assuming there is room for improvement over the content and bonus materials on earlier discs or even in box sets. Meanwhile, of course, there's the whole question of how much you'll still like something that you haven't seen in a year or five, which prompts a little bit of that fear once you pop in a movie again and find the viewing experience different than you remember. (Which is also the reason for my "Shelf Life" column.)

Cliffhanger is a film I remember best as Sylvester Stallone's first major comeback after floundering through a series of mediocre sequels, crappy comedies and stillborn franchise-launchers (gloriously homoerotic though Tango & Cash remains). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the film on Blu-ray last week, and although I was curious how well it held up as a film -- notwithstanding its awesome opening sequence -- I elected to choose 8 ½ as this week's "Shelf Life" subject, instead picking Cliffhanger as my "Making the (Up) Grade" target.