Celeb Sightings: Entertainment Weekly has been snapping pics of many Sundance stars, from Malin Akerman, Josh Radnor, and Kate Mara of happythankyoumoreplease to a beautifully pregnant Amanda Peet (looking much less funny mirror from this pic), to a warm-footed Crispin Glover. Meanwhile, NY Mag evokes art design from my middle school yearbook for their Party Lines slide show at the Howl party; Zimbio shares a bunch of shots of Oliver Platt, Mario Lopez, and more famous Sundancing filmgoers; and IMDb offers their share their snaps of opening night parties and photoshoots.

Our Coverage: Erik Davis reviewed The Company Men, stating: "Essentially a horror film for the white-collar workers over 50," the film's "familiar cast and quick script make it so this flick just barely slips by without a pink slip." Stay tuned for Eric Snider's Frozen review at 12:01 Sunday morning, plus the low-down on Armless, Enter the Void, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and happythankyoumoreplease soon.