I'm not entirely sold on the idea of "web series" programming, but I'm starting to warm up to it. If this new trailer for Drew Daywalt's Camera Obscurais any indication of the direction the medium is moving, I may be all in before the end of the 2010.

The filmmaker has been keeping everyone up-to-date on the development of his latest project for months (follow him on Twitter), and yesterday saw the emergence of a brand-spankin'-new trailer that you can have a gander at after the jump.

The 20 episode series' plot breaks down like this: "A young woman's (Reagan Dale Neis) world is rocked when she discovers that not only was her dead grandfather (Jack Klugman) secretly a demon hunter when he was alive, but now the camera is hers and so is her grandfather's unfinished quest..."

If you're a gamer and a horror fan, the immediate reaction is "oh this is like Fatal Frame"--and it is, sort of. Camera Obscura is Fatal Frame-esque, only with better looking monsters, Jack Klugman, and way less Japanese influence. The camera is still the weapon, but the monsters in Camera Obscura appear far more terrifying than the Asian ghosts in the Fatal Frame series. Personally, I liked the Fatal Frame games, so I'm interested in seeing what Daywalt does with a similar set-up.

No word yet on when Camera Obscura will make its internet debut, but tide yourself over in the meantime by checking out the creepy new trailer.
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