Cinematical's Asian Beat: 'Confucius,' 'Santau,' 'Who Are You?'

Asian Beat highlights new and upcoming releases in Asian theaters. Top: Chow Yun-Fat in Confucius; bottom, left to right: Santau and Who Are You?

China. Recently our own Monika Bartyzel reported that the government of China was booting James Cameron's Avatar off more than 1,500 screens to make way for Confucius, a government-backed biopic starring Chow Yun-Fat as the legendary philosopher. Chow has been sadly absent from the screen for much of the past decade, last appearing in the dreadful Dragonball Evolution, Chow's career could use a kick-start, but the first trailer for Confucius made me sleepy -- all slow and respectful and magnificent in the style of dutiful epic biopics. A newer, shorter trailer, posted after the jump, is an improvement, with a quicker-paced, punchier delivery. We'll hear more after Confucius opens this Friday.

Malaysia. A jealous villager hexes a neighboring family in horror flick Santau, unleashing evil, destructive spirits. "Starts with a bang and never quite takes a breather," writes Stefan S. at A Nutshell Review, "opting for a thrilling roller coaster ride of scares and inevitable comedy that go down best with a jumpy, vocal audience." Santau opened in Malaysia in early December and moves into Singapore on Friday. The trailer looks like fun; check it out after the jump.

Thailand. Bangkok-based Wise Kwai posted a trailer for Who Are You?, a thriller that will release locally on February 25. The film centers on "a mother whose son has withdrawn social life and locked himself away in his room." Wise Kwai commends the trailer's look, "color palette and suspenseful feel," and I totally agree. You can find the trailer after the jump.

After the jump: trailers for all three films!