'Avatar' tops the box office chart for sixth straight weekend It has taken James Cameron's 'Avatar' just 38 days to reach the $550 million mark in domestic ticket sales and if it can average $6.3 million a day over the next eight days, it will have eclipsed 'Titanic's' record by the morning of the Oscar nominations. Not that 'Avatar' will need any further assistance, but most Best Picture nominees see huge boosts in attendance immediately afterwards.

Last year's eventual Best Picture winner 'Slumdog Millionaire' had a 65% increase in sales during the three weeks after it scored 10 Academy Award nominations in late January. When this year's nominees are announced Feb. 2, 'Avatar' will be on at least that many ballots and besides threatening 'Titanic's' domestic record, it will have certainly passed 'Titanic' as the biggest worldwide blockbuster.