First off, he's no longer The Rock. Well, at least he seems to have shed that moniker from the billing in his film roles. Five years ago it was The Rock, three it was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and now it's just Dwayne Johnson. But the former wrestling star and current box office champ seems more practiced and ready than ever for the challenges of 360 degree stardom; after forays into more obvious tough guy territory with The Scorpion King and the minor action classic The Rundown, he migrated into comedy before settling in his current genre of choice, family films.

The Game Plan and Race to Witch Mountain successfully introduced him to the pre-teen audience (and their parents) that stayed away from his adult fare, and now he hopes that lightning will strike a third time with Tooth Fairy, a comedy in which Johnson plays an aging hockey star taught a few lessons when he's sentenced to a two-week stint as the titular bicuspid barterer. Cinematical recently caught up with Johnson via telephone, where in addition to talking about the challenges of wearing wings and a tutu, he discussed the development of his career, and hinted at the possibility of a return to his early history of violence -- on screen, anyway.