Joseph Gordon-Levitt is at Sundance for the fourth time, having previously appeared with the notable films Brick (2005) and last year's (500) Days of Summer. This year he's appearing at the festival in Hesher, and he's pimping his own open-source film project called It's an interesting collaboration between artists, where anyone can be the filmmaker, the composer, the effects artist, or ... pretty much anything you want to be. And by artists, we mean you.

Anyone in the world can sign up at the website, and upload their own clips, tweak existing clips, add soundtracks, record new voiceovers, etc. Films can be recorded on anything from a professional grade camera or a cell phone (or anything in-between), and Gordon-Levitt, or RegularJOE as he's known on the website, hopes to produce a full project that will be released in some sort of money-making format (DVD, VOD, small theatrical run, online, etc) where half of the money will go to the artists who were selected to work on the project, and the other half will go back into funding for hitRECord.

It's an ambitious project, and you can see one of the completed shorts embedded just beyond the break. If you're a budding filmmaker with an extremely limited budget but lots of imagination, this might be the short-film generating outlet you're looking for.