Do you like Repo Man? No, not Repo Men, the new organ-snatching action flick starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. I'm talking about Alex Cox's 1984 cult classic starring Emilo Estevez as a newbie repossession agent for the Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation. If so, I'd like to know how this debut trailer for Repo Chick strikes you, because, well... you'll soon see why I'm curious.

Going solely off of what's in the trailer below, were Repo Chick made by anyone else, it would be laughed off of the Internet. Considering it was written and directed by Alex Cox, however, as a "spirtual sequel" to his excellent genre-bender (it looks to play in the same world sandbox without any story continuity), I'm willing to hold out hope that all this green screen, pulpy madness plays to a higher agenda; as opposed to looking only slightly more technically proficient than, say, Birdemic.

Jaclyn Jonet stars as the titular Repo Chick, an expert takerbacker who has set her sights on the white whale of repossessions: a moving train! The trailer looks to meld Public Access level green screen compositing with Spice World levels of We Know What We're Doing is Silly for a combination that is either going to be inspired or insipid. But what say you, Alex Cox fans? Is Repo Chick the Repo Man follow-up you've spent a quarter of a century hoping for or will you continue to live your life as if Cox' original creation stayed stag?