A third Gremlins film could be on the horizon, according to MarketSaw at least. The blog, which focuses on all things cinematic 3D, recently reported that the Ivan Reitman directed Ghostbusters 3 would be arriving in 3D; now they have another insider that tells them Gremlins 3 will be in 3D as well.

Didn't know they were making a Gremlins 3? Yeah, neither does Joe Dante. Sure, it's been over twenty years since Dante gave the world the gift of the mogwai, but one would at least think the director of the first two films might know about official word on a third film in his franchise; not the case here. MTV caught up with Dante to get his take on MarketSaw's report and his response isn't too encouraging for anyone hoping to see Gremlins 3(D?) anytime soon "These things come up from time to time. I don't know of anything officially that's going on."

Is that conclusive proof that Warner Brothers isn't cooking up a new set of fuzzballs that become maniacal pests when they get wet/fed after midnight? No, it is possible that Dante is just out of the loop on this one, but that's unlikely considering the director and original Gremlins screenwriter Chris Columbus were both in the loop the last time WB mused over a Gremlins 3.

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