Gremlins sequel rumblings seem to be perennial. While I'd normally cast those rumors aside with dead-end news on Beetlejuice 2 or The Breakfast Club Returns, sources at Market Saw sound pretty confident that the beloved monster comedy is getting a new lease on life in 3-D.

Market Saw has no details about a third Gremlins outing other than to say that one is in the earliest of development stages, with the full intent of it being created for 3-D. So, is this something that's actually happening or is this a game of telephone from someone who'd like to see it happen? There's no info on who is developing it, whether it's a straight sequel or a reboot (Hollywood loves its reboots right now), or whether or not director Joe Dante will be back to helm the new installment.

I'd love to see a new Gremlins film, and I don't need the prospect of 3-D to get happy about it. If some Mogwai break the rules, turn themselves into Gremlins, and terrorize people, I am so there.
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