Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and a**hole, however not yet reached fu*ker or motherfu*ker.

Two estranged brothers reunite right before one of them is to be married, only to wind up embarking on a bizarre road trip that will once and for all determine whether or not these two will remain a part of each other's lives. Directed by rising star Drake Doremus, Douchebag is great in its delivery of awkward, relatable humor – the kind that only presents itself when two somewhat shlubby, disheveled brothers are forced to spend some quality time together even though they hate each other's guts. Its low-budget, shot-on-the-fly vibe may not make it appealing to the big studios, but Douchebag could easy find its audience once out there thanks to a catchy title and accessible situational comedy.

Sam is only a few days away from his wedding to a beautiful fiancé who's head over heels for him. The final arrangements are being made, and now all he has to do is sit back and wait for the rest of his life to begin. But when his fiancé Steph takes it upon herself to surprise Sam by bringing his estranged brother, Tom, to stay with them for the wedding, the brothers find themselves together for the first time in two years and not really prepared to confront all their old demons. After a dinner conversation leads Tom to reveal that he was only in love once and it was in fifth grade, Sam decides it would be fun to track down this mysterious fifth grade girlfriend to see if she'd like to be Tom's date for the wedding.