While the relentless rain continued in Los Angeles last week, I headed out to Arclight Hollywood during one of the 700 storms to see 'Extraordinary Measures'. Normally, I am illness-squeamish and can not sit through any film whose story has a hospital or anyone who suffers from a disease. But, I decided that it is time that I desensitize myself to this problem, since it has prevented me from seeing many films. I have never seen 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Philadelphia' or 'The Doctor' due to my extreme sensitivity. I once consulted a therapist about what is deemed to be my "blood phobia", but I didn't return beyond the first session. The minute he mentioned the word "blood", I began to feel faint.

Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for 'Extraordinary Measures', the film was pretty light. It stars Brendan Fraser (who, once upon a time, attended Upper Canada College private school in Toronto), who we sometimes consider to be a Canadian compatriot, but who was actually born in Indianapolis. The film, based upon a true story, is based upon the book, of course. Lately, every film is either based upon a book or it is a re-make of something that didn't need re-making. Are we out of fresh ideas, dear Hollywood?