Machete gets the bad guys. And now Twentieth Century Fox has Robert Rodgriguez's'Machete'.

Despite having its roots as a fake trailer in the Rodriquez/Tarantino double-feature, 'Grindhouse' --- recently named one of the biggest flops of the last five years -- Variety reports that Fox won a bidding war for domestic distribution of the film.

Like the pulpy trailer, the film stars Rodriquez favorite Danny Trejo as a knife-wielding ex-federale, and Cheech Marin as the murderous man of the cloth who helps Machete get his payback on a politician who double-crosses him (Jeff Fahey). For a not-so-subtle rundown of the particulars, view the entirely NSFW fake trailer here.

But perhaps in an attempt to draw a little more attention to this film than its 'Girindhouse' predecessor, 'Planet Terror' received, Rodriguez enlisted a high-powered ensemble for the feature-length version, including Robert De Niro, Michele Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, LIndsey Lohan, Rose McGowan, and recent A&E ratings kingSteven Seagal.
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