Sundance isn't exactly known for its championing of horror films so much as it is indie-cred movies must people will, in all likelihood, never see, but a few horror titles always crop up at the annual Park City film jamboree. Vincenzo Natali's Splice and the Butcher Brothers' The Violent Kind are both playing at the festival, but the first horror movie to get acquired this year looks to be Buried.

If you happen to be on Twitter and follow a bunch of film geeks, it was hard to avoid people's enthusiasm for the Rodrigo Cortes'-directed, Ryan Reynolds-starring flick about a man kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive. Well now there's some official news to fuel the fan buzz: Lionsgate has just purchased the North American rights to Buried. It doesn't look like they have a release date planned yet, but given the hype for the film, some of which you can see below, hopefully it won't stay stabled for long.

Neil Miller from Film School Rejects: "BURIED was an intense little thriller. Reynolds is top-notch. It's a rivveting flick, all the way to the end."

Drew McWeeny of HitFix: "
BURIED stopped me cold. That gets reviewed first tonight."

Steve Weintraub of Collider: "
Buried was as good as the buzz. Awesome movie. Great direction. Ryan reynolds was amazing."

And of course,
our very own Scott Weinberg to keep things in perspective: "To those who went mega-ape-shit for BURIED last night, I say this: see more movies."
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