Walt Disney was in love with the fairy tales. Well, to be more accurate, his own specialized versions of them. Most of the horror and sadistic twists of the epic yarns were tossed aside. No flesh-eating ogres or other horrors were allowed. The darkness was removed to make way for more romance and whimsy, and it's a habit that survived well beyond Mr. Walt. (I'm looking at you, especially, Pocohontas.)

It is, therefore, not much of a jump to wonder what the cinematic landscape would be like if Walt was inspired by other forms of dramatic literature. Artist Sam Nielson came up with some excellent alternative "Disney Princesses" -- specifically, Hester Prynne (The Scarlet Letter), Ophelia (Hamlet), and Jocasta (Oedipus Rex). Sure, it might seem weird, but take a moment to think about it. Fairy tales were stories overflowing with drama and horror, aspects washed away for the Mouse House, so why not other dramatic pieces? Maybe Ophelia was just floating on down a stream, letting the sun warm her face as she dreamed of Hamlet. Maybe Ms. Prynne joined a sorority. Maybe ... erm, maybe not on the whole mom-loving thing. (Unless one of you has an idea?)

Seeing these images, I can't stop wondering what Disneyfied versions of classic literature would look like, and likewise, what movies would be like today if our firsts bouts of epic animation weren't Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, but rather ...

Any ideas?

[via Super Punch]
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