Last year, there was a run for the bunnies. Not a sporting event mimicking the bulls at Pamplona, mind you, but rather dueling Easter Bunny features. While the rush was on, neither was able to hit the finish line for release this year, and only now is one moving forward. According to The Hollywood Reporter,I Hop, the live action comedy, is mixing a little CG into the recipe and has added James Marsden to a roster that already includes Russell Brand.

Marsden will play the jobless slacker who accidentally hits the Easter Bunny (voiced by Brand), breaks his leg, and renders the fluffy one unable to fulfill his candy duties. Much like Santa Clause, the slacker must, well, pick up the slack and save Easter as the bunny mends. As an added bonus: the bunny recovers at the slacker's abode, being "the world's worst houseguest."

Ah, Marsden acting alongside some CG animal. Fun for the family, and more welcome, anti-Cyclops fare. But before you think the actor is solidly on the Tim Allen career path, destined for fluff without any vacation, he's also in the upcoming, super-violent Straw Dogs remake, which hits theaters on February 25.
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