People are obsessed with the DeLorean. No, not because it's a sweet ride from the '80s that never took off in real life, but because it took off to the time-traveling skies in Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future. People are always rebuilding them for fun or repurposing them for art, but few are as obsessed as a one Rich W. From his website (which only looks slighlty newer than the novelty cars he cherishes):

"Rich W. is a DeLorean enthusiast who has dedicated a large portion of his time restoring DeLoreans to keep them from being scrapped. He also has great ideas on utilizing "sad" DeLoreans for better use and in doing so, will ultimately be promoting the DeLorean legacy. Rich's current projects include a 4x4 DeLorean, the worlds only monster truck DeLorean, a convertible DeLorean, and a hover craft DeLorean."

And while I love the idea of a hover craft DeLorean, the end product isn't as satisfying as the 4x4 DeLorean, which Rich W. describes as being "Not madness, just truth." I've included a few pictures of the glorious Frankenstein below, but hop on over to Rich W.'s (oh, yes, that is the name of his site) to see/read more.
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