Now that the rock biopic The Runawaysis a hit at Sundance (see our review here), and since it will probably also be a success in theaters thanks to Twilight star Kristen Stewart's involvement, it's time to think about a sequel. Wait, to a biopic? Yes, to a biopic. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I hear it ends just as all the girls went their separate ways -- Joan Jett (Stewart) beginning a solo career, Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) going off to be in the movies, etc. -- so why not keep following the lives of these characters?

However, I also hear that Michael Shannon, as producer Kim Fowley, is the best thing about The Runaways, and therefore instead of making a movie like Bad Reputation: The Joan Jett Solo Story or Cherie in Hollywood: The Making of Foxes, I propose that the makers of the first film continue Fowley's adventures in...

The Runaways 2

Alternate titles may include The Runaways Too, The Runaways Down Under or Young and Fast. The last of these is the title of a Runaways album that Fowley produced with a completely new roundup of girls he found in Australia and New Zealand in the mid-80s. Sometimes the recording is credited to "The New Runaways," especially since the original band members sued Fowley in the 1990s over ownership of the name.
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