[Welcome to the Sci-Fi Lunch Break, where we'll be supplying you with a cool bit of audio/visual goodness to break up the monotony of the work day. You bring the turkey on rye, we'll bring you something out of this world to watch while you eat it.]

I love a good UFO video as much as the next guy, but the cynic in me who assumes it's all just a hoax is far more interested in the fakery side of things. So if you thought the video of the Green Sphere UFO as glimpsed through the tree line was compelling evidence of visitors from the stars, you might not want to watch the below video that explains how you were (convincingly) fooled.

Oh, and if the Green Sphere never had you convinced in the first place, maybe the glowing orbs over the UK Midlands were a tad more effective. Well, they were faked by the same guy.

[Via ForgetoMori.]
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