With reports of a buyout in their future, Overture Films has put a hold on several projects including the latest Steve Niles' (30 Days of Night) property for the big screen, Freaks of the Heartland. The film was about to begin casting under the lead of director David Gordon Green (All the Real Girls) but we'll have to wait out a "90-day hold" to find out the future of Overture's titles, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Freaks of the Heartland is a six-part story published in 2004 by Dark Horse Comics and illustrated by Greg Ruth. The story revolves around Trevor Owen, who resides in the small town of Gristlewood Valley. He tries to protect his "monster" of a younger brother and other local children who are not quite what they seem from the avenging townsfolk.

Creepy mountain people are always a plus in my book so let's hope that Overture can pull things together and make it happen. I wasn't a huge fan of the other Niles' adaptation, 30 Days of Night, even though I adore the comic (all bow to the great Ben Templesmith!). This is one story I have yet to check out. Do you recommend it?

It sounds like Overture's upcoming release schedule remains in tact, which includes Breck Eisner's remake of Romero's The Crazies and Let Me In, a remake of the Swedish vampire tale, Let the Right One In. Perhaps those are the breakout hits Overture needs to stay in the running.
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